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Your Perfect Summer Staycation

We are already in the middle of July, and BOY it is a scorching summer.  Since my daughter started college this past year, she did not have the same spring break as my son. This is normally when we do our big family vacation. This summer hasn’t been a better time to plan on going.  Between Taylor working and my son’s commitments, there is just no time for a family vacation.  So, we decided it was time to plan the perfect summer staycation.

A staycation is when you take a couple days off and vacation at home or do fun things around your own city.  I’m going to give you some ideas of things to do at your home to create the perfect relaxing time no matter where you live.  However if you would like more info on the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, let me know and I can do a post on that.  The one rule you have to remember is you can’t find things to work on at your house.  It is easy to do when you see laundry needing to be done or the grass needing to be cut.  Hold off on the chores until your staycation is over. Seriously, don’t worry!  It will still be there when you’re off vacay.

Perfect summer staycation ideas

Use These amazing Fouta Towels by Crane and Canopy for around your pool.

During the Day- The best thing to do when the weather is hot like this is to be near a water source.  I have never used our pool more than I have this year. Laying out by the pool is easy with these towels by Crane and Canopy.  The Fouta Towels are light weight, absorbent, and quick drying.  An unique thing about these towels are they are made of 100% Turkish cotton and they have a built in loop where you can hang the towel up after use.  With kids around, having a built in way to hang up towels is a very smart idea.  I bought the blue ones, but they also come in yellow and coral.

Use These amazing Fouta Towels by Crane and Canopy for around your pool.

I also enjoy reading when I have the time. I always take a book on vacation so why not read on your staycation?  I’m currently reading, “When Life Hands You Lululemons.”  It is written by Lauren Weisberger who also wrote, “The Devil Wears Prada.”  It is calming and takes you to new places and experiences.  This one is the perfect summer chick read.  Because you can lose yourself in the book and it’s not too heavy of a topic.  It’s about one of the characters from “The Devil Wears Prada,” Emily Charlton who was Miranda Priestly’s assistant.  She’s now in her 30s and living in LA with her husband.  She gets a call from an old friend in Connecticut.  See was happens as the story takes off from this point.

Use These amazing Fouta Towels by Crane and Canopy for around your pool.

 In the Evening- Snuggle in with these lightweight quilts by Crane and Canopy.  With this luxurious bedding, you will feel like you are in a hotel and not on a staycation at your own home.  It is a good idea to have a different set of bedding for the winter and the summer.  Plus it’s an amazing opportunity to change up your decor for the seasons.  In the winter, I use more layers and heavier bedding.  In the summer, you definitely want to go with lighter weight fabrics and less layers.  You can still make your summer ensemble look beautiful while being practical at the same time.

This seafoam green chevron stitched pattern, is luxurious and lightweight.  It is 100% premium cotton and is perfect for luxe layering.  It’s silky, smooth softness will give you that chic look you’re going for.  It is 100% naturally breathable and has no toxins.  I love how their shams have the envelope enclosure to give you that tailored look.  To see a combination of their pillows, check out my winter post using the Crane and Canopy bedding with this type of shams.  I love the green, but it comes in many colors.  This may be your favorite way to relax in the evening.

Use this luxurious lightweight summer bedding by Crane and Canopy.

To check out some of the other colors from this bedding collection go to Crane and Canopy.

Use this luxurious lightweight summer bedding by Crane and Canopy.

Another way to relax is to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom.  You don’t have to go to the hassle of making an appointment, getting dressed, and paying for expensive spa treatments to relax and have glowing skin.  You can do that in your own home with these simple tips. These are the ways you’re going to upgrade your bathroom to a calm, relaxing spa feel.  Start with a clean bathroom.  Prior to your staycation, you want to make sure the tub is clean and there isn’t any clutter to take away from this relaxing experience.  My favorite part of this is using fresh, fluffy towels from Crane and Canopy.  These classic towels are so soft.  They are great for everyday use, but make great towels for a guest bathroom when you have company. They are made from 100% Turkish cotton.  I got the white towels, but they come in grey, taupe, green, lilac, purple, and French blue.

If you're looking for some amazing classic towels, try these from Crane and Canopy.

Using the Crane and Canopy classic towels make your spa night very enjoyable.

Here are some other ways to elevate your bathroom to create a relaxing atmosphere.  You can use candles, bath salts, wine, and dim lighting to help you change the mood of the room.  Lighting candles around the room and dimming the lights make the ambience so relaxing and a little romantic.  Using bath bombs or bath salts can really up your spa game.  I love the way these make my skin feel.  I know I will come out feeling relaxed after a bath. Last but not least, having a glass of your favorite drink just tops off the bath.  This is a great time to finish some reading and have a little wine.  If you’re not a reader you could put on a relaxing playlist and just unwind from your day.  Whatever leaves you the most relaxed is key here.

Use Crane and Canopy classic towels in your bathroom for a spa-like retreat.

When you are refreshed and relaxed you are better for yourself and others.  Hopefully these tips help you think about planning your own staycation.  Check out the Crane and Canopy Classic and Fouta towels if you’re looking for some new items to upgrade your outdoor living area and the bathroom.  Please leave me a comment and let me know where you’re from and what activities you do at your own home. Enjoy your staycation!

Yours Truly,



My Podcasts Recommendations

I have really been loving some amazing podcasts.  Of course I love business related ones that teach me something, but I really love the inspiring shows that give me a great start to the day. They give me all the feels. Those are the ones I’m going to share with you.  If you are looking for some motivation or just some peace and calming vibes; you should check these out.  Here are my podcasts recommendations.  I hope you find them up lifting.

I started to listen to podcasts sort of by accident. There is a window of time where I have to wait in the line to pick up my son from school.  If I don’t get there early, I will be caught behind the buses and you literally can’t go anywhere.  I just choose to avoid that and get there as early as I can. During this time, I usually work on my blog, but there are some days that I read and listen to podcasts.  Try to think of a time that you could carve out of the day for yourself.  These really help because they are so positive and encouraging. They get you in the right frame of mind.  You could listen to them while you get ready, on your way to work, or the horrible rush hour on your way home.

My Podcasts recommendations

Happier by Gretchen Rubin- Have you ever read The Happiness Project?  Gretchen is the author and she is truly the expert on all things happy.  she really has a passion for helping people find their happiness in life and her podcast shows that. It is short and sweet and she talks about things that relate to all of us in our daily experiences.  I think you will really like this one.

The Chalene Show- You probably know her as Chalene Johnson from the Piyo commercials for her weight loss and exercise workout DVDs.  She is very peppy and a strong business woman.  I had been following her on Instagram for a while before I even knew she did podcasts.  She is very down to earth and so encouraging that you just want to listen.  Don’t worry, she doesn’t try to sell you her stuff.

Dear Sugars- Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond give you a dose of tough love but with empathy.  No question is too dark or too deep.  If you are feeling a little lost or need some direction, it feels like they are talking directly to you.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations-  Weren’t you sad when Oprah stopped hosting her show?  It was the end of an era.  I feel like these podcasts are somewhat an extension of her show.  She interviews some amazing guests and it feels like her in the old days. Of course it is great material that gives you such insight as everything Oprah does is quality stuff.

I hope you find these podcasts interesting and enjoyable.  Everyone has different tastes and likes different topics.  If you have podcasts that you think I might like, please leave a comment below.  I would love for you to share this list with someone you think would also enjoy these podcasts.

Yours Truly,



How I Lost 35 Pounds after 40

This is not my typical posting topic, but I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I lost 35 pounds.  So here goes. I definitely noticed a difference in my metabolism around age 40. It seems like there is something in your body that just knows it’s your 40th birthday. I did not change the way I was eating and I made a ton of excuses.  I would say, “my thyroid is causing me not to be able to lose weight,” and other ridiculous excuses. Then, I saw a picture of me posted on Facebook and it was not flattering. Unfortunately, it was exactly what I looked like at the time. I knew my weight had crept up there, but that picture sealed the deal.  Let me just say that I do not have a background in nutrition.  I can only tell you some tips that worked for me. You should always consult a physician before starting any new weight loss or exercise program.

5 Tips for weight Loss

I knew I wanted to learn the clean eating method and portion control so I tried the 21 day fix by Beach Body.  I figured this would help me make changes rather quickly.  After you learn how to clean eat and what portions work for you, then you can eat clean on your own and you will know what combinations work for your body. I had always heard nutrition was about 80% of your program while exercise was about 20%. You can’t outrun a poor diet. Meaning you can run 5 miles a day, but if you have a cruddy diet you’re not going to be successful with weight loss.  You need to make these changes part of your lifestyle not just a diet you do for a week.  If you lose ten pounds and then go back to your old ways you will immediately gain it back. Health and fitness is not something you achieve and then forget about it. It’s something you have to attain and maintain. You have to decide how badly you want it.  Yes, this is hard and different at first, but being overweight is also hard.

Find out what works for your body. Everyone is different.  I also noticed through trial and error that my body responded to losing weight when I ate 1200 calories. I had tried 1270 and I wasn’t losing weight. Then I dropped to 1240 and still wasn’t losing.  When I got to 1200 that was my magic number.  I didn’t make a drastic 200 calorie drop, but I did have to play around for a couple weeks to see what worked for my body. If you kind of try then you will kind of get results. You have to do the work.  Keep a food journal so you can see what is working and what isn’t. Not everyone responds to the same things.  See what your body needs to start dropping weight.  Your body might need 1,500 to lose weight.  Just keep trying and moving forward.  Small progress is still progress.

Strength training was a major part of my workouts. This was the first time that I really incorporated strength training in a consistent way. I was always the cardio lover.  I really believed in hitting it hard in the cardio area. I thought burning calories through cardio was where it was at. Gaining muscle is so important especially as you get older. Muscle makes your body look fit and toned, keeps you burning calories after you finish your workout, and takes up less room than fat.

Track what you eat.  I had no idea how much I was really eating until I got the Fitness Pal app.  I put in the amount I was allowed to have each day and it would subtract how much I was allowed for the rest of the day.  Doing this really made me ration my calories so I could spread them out.  If you only Get 1,200 calories you don’t want to eat 600 for breakfast and then realize you only have 600 for the rest of the day.  You really need to think about your day and do a little planning.  

Meal prep makes it so much easier to meet your goals.  On Sundays, I went grocery shopping. Then I cut all my fruits, vegetables, and prepared my meals for the week.  My family also became better about picking healthy choices when things were washed and cut.  When life got busy I didn’t have any excuses because my meals were already prepared ahead of time.

Hopefully these tips help you get started in your weight loss efforts. If you want more of what exercises I did and what foods I ate, leave comments below letting me know what you want me to post. I just didn’t want this post to be too long.

Yours Truly,


Like it, Love it, List

There are several books that I’ve been reading and I wanted to share with you guys on the like it, love it list today.  I know I’m WAY behind on the kindle idea, but being a reading specialist I just really liked holding a book.  I didn’t think I would ever give in.  However, we are trying to do some decluttering and I’m getting rid of some books. I started thinking if I got rid of some books, why I would I continue to bring new ones in. I would just have to go through the same process in a couple of years. So for saving room and for easier travels, I got the Kindle app on my iPad.  I am a converted soul.  I know I should have done it long ago.  If you haven’t done it yet, do it! It’s worth the wait. Now, let’s review the books I’ve read this month.

Check out these great books of the month and see if you love them as much as I do.

My favorite books this month

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone.  If you need a motivational book about how to succeed or become all you can be; this is the perfect book.  It is the kick in the pants you need in a very encouraging way. You can’t help but want to get up and start a company or run a marathon after reading this book.  You have to get this one if you’re needing a little push or are looking for your purpose!

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I read this book like 10 years ago, but decided to read it again.  I remembered it being really good and I started her podcast and wanted to reread it.  It was just as good the second time.  She does a year long study of consciously trying to be “happier” in her life. It is a great read.  One of my favorite non-fiction selections.  Maybe you can even do a modified happiness project.

The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle.  This is a thriller that keeps you guessing with each page. From the first chapter the main character is notified that her husband has died in a plane crash, but that is in no way the thriller of the story.  Read to find out the twists and turns in this page turning book and how the wife finds out about her husband’s past.  Loved it!

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris.  This book flips back and forth from past to present situations of a seemingly perfect newlywed couple who seem to have it all.  But is their marriage as perfect as it seems to their friends or are they hiding a secret?  This one was very interesting.  Never read anything like it.  Very good!

The like it, love it list is all about books this time.  Just read so many because I was excited about my Kindle app.  You know then I will usually go on a dry spell and wait like 3 months without reading again. I’m trying to be more consistent because it really is one of my favorite things to do.  Since summer is coming I am trying to make it part of my daily life.

Hopefully you found something that sounds interesting.  If you read one of these let me know what you thought.  I love to know what other people think about the books.  It’s like we are having our own little book group. Also follow me on social media because I am posting stylish decor ideas and tips over there all the time.  Also, what books should I be reading this summer?  I love book recommendations.  If there are any free kindle books or great ones I need to buy, leave a comment below.

Yours Truly,


How to Keep the Pollen Out of Your House

I don’t know about other areas, but in Virginia this yellow pollen started in March and is still around.  It is definitely hanging around longer this year. Last year was my daughter’s senior year and she had her prom pictures at our house.  I remember we had already opened our pool by this time to have everything looking beautiful for her pictures.  We do not open our pool until this stuff is gone. We made that mistake one time before and we will never do that again.  I thought it might be helpful to talk about a couple things we’re doing to keep the pollen out of our home.  My son and I have asthma and horrible allergies so we have found these things to work in our household.

Check out these easy ways to keep pollen out of your house.

Ways to keep the pollen out of the home

Wipe off the dog’s feet when they come in.   We started doing this when our dog was little just because she is white.  However, I know this helps greatly when dealing with pollen.   Dogs carry all kinds of stuff in the house on their feet and then jump on the furniture which transfers it to you and your stuff.

Vacuum frequently.  Pollen comes in on your shoes, purses, clothing, and of course pets so vacuuming can help if done frequently enough.

Change your clothes after you work outside.  It is always a smart idea to take a shower and change your clothing if you have been outside for a while and especially if you have been working out in the yard.

Keep the windows closed.  The weather might be starting to feel like summer, but keep the windows closed.  Pollen can blow in through the screens and cause you to have horrible allergy trouble.  No one wants to be sneezing and coughing all the time.

I hope these tips will help you in finishing out this spring season and send you into the summer without any trouble with your allergies. Do you have any other tips or ideas that could save us from this problematic yellow pollen?  Leave a comment below and let us know what helps in your household. Have a great week.

Yours Truly,



My Favorite Fashion Bloggers

I really enjoy fashion as a hobby.  I have found several fashion bloggers that I just love to follow. They really wear some beautiful clothing and know all the latest trends. Since fashion and decor are so closely related,  I wanted to share my favorite fashion bloggers with you so you could be up to date on all the latest spring fashions.

Check out my five favorite fashion bloggers for all the latest in spring trends.

Leanne Barlow from has the best style, but seems like the girl next door that could be your best friend.  She has three little boys that are the cutest and she dresses them to the nines.  She does something I haven’t seen anyone else do.  She makes these fabulous dresses in the dress of the month series.  You can see them on her Instagram or her blog. They are so amazing.  I’ve never seen anyone take a hard skill and make it look so effortless.  She is definitely one you want to check out.  Check out her Instagram as well.

Emily from is beautiful, has gorgeous hair, and an amazing wardrobe that we would all love to have.  However, she seems so down to earth and loves to spend time with her family and connect with her followers. If you want hair tips, fashion reviews, and some travel sprinkled in; than Emily’s blog and Instragram are great places to check out some amazing content.

Check out my five favorite fashion bloggers for all the latest spring trends.

Rachel Parcell from pinkpeonies was one of the first blogs I ever read.  Her site is such a glamorous place to find fashion and decor ideas. I was instantly hooked and am still one of her loyal followers. I Also have purchased some of her apparel so check out her site for her clothing line. Her sister and sister- in-law also have very popular blogs.  Her home decor and Christmas posts are just as popular as her fashion posts. She is building a house right now and of course everyone can’t wait to see the finished product.

Jade of aspoonfulofstyle is one of those women that just seems to have it all together. Don’t you love those women that push you to do better? She is a gorgeous blonde with two adorable little kids.  Her daughter just turned three and her son is one.  She talks about high end, trendy fashion as well as affordable pieces that you can mix in your everyday wardrobe. Sometimes she mentions kid’s clothing that she dresses her own kids in. what a great bonus. You can check her out on her Instagram here.

My last favorite fashion blogger is Caitlin from southerncurlsandpearls.  She is very young and and I love her take on what is current in fashion.  I love that her mom takes her photos and she really seems down to earth and family oriented.  She includes travel and fitness posts as well. She is engaged and I’m starting to see pics on her Instagram about the wedding. If you guys follow my Pinterest, you know I’m obsessed with wedding planning. Here is a post I did on a small wedding I threw for my cousin and his fiancé. I also have a post on throwing a gorgeous wedding without flowers.

If you are into fashion as much as I am or you’re just looking for some new bloggers to follow, check out some of these ladies.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Have a great weekend.

Yours Truly,


Like it, Love it, List

There are so many spring things I’m loving right now.  Sadly, my wallet is paying the price. Since I have had a recent weight loss I really need everything. (post to come soon),  I hope you will love the list as well.

These Nordstrom Vince Camuto peep toe shoes in tan are the bomb.  I can’t believe they are also so comfortable.  As soon as they arrived, I tried to order them in black too and of course my size was sold out.  Try to get these in the tan if you can. We will be shoe twins.

Nordstrom Vince Camuto peep toe sandals in tan. The perfect shoe for spring and summer.

I really love Becca swimwear.  I don’t really want to admit this, but I have a Becca suit that is from when my son was born and he is 16 years old. They hold up so well.  I only bring it out in bathing suit emergencies, but the colors and elastic still look and feel great.   I love this year’s suit that I picked,  I got this fabulous cranberry color. You can mix and match the pieces to fit your style.  The high rise bottoms are very in this year and some colors are already sold out so get them before your color goes.

If you are a fan of black and white decor, than you won’t want to miss Target’s project 62 outdoor collection.  It is fun, trendy, and affordable.  My favorite pieces are the umbrellas, pillows, and rugs.  You can’t go wrong with black and white to give your outdoor entertaining area a resort feel.  Your guests will feel so at home.

Now is the time to be thinking about your graduate. Check out this post I did for Minted when my daughter graduated last year.  Minted always has the best selection of cards for your big day.  Also, I found the best gift for an athletic child.  Check out this ETSY store. She makes quilts out of your child’s old sports tee shirts.  The only draw back is you really need to do this now so she has time to get this back to you.

Minted has a great selection of graduation cards.

I hope you were able to find a couple things that you like or love from my list.  I’m going to enjoy this weather and hope for it to stick around.  Happy Easter you guys.

Yours Truly,



Best Winter Workout Finds

I have really found my groove with working out over the last year. I thoroughly enjoy it and crave it for the positive way I feel after a workout. I definitely see what people were always saying about the endorphins released after you workout. In the beginning, I did it to help lose weight, but now I do it for many other reasons.  I have found some products that I think are amazing and I would like to share those with you.  You may have set some goals for yourself this year and I hope you stick with it and reach those goals.

Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller – I have been using a foam roller for 15 years before it was a cool workout piece of equipment.   I was in a car accident and had a therapeutic one for my neck and back for physical therapy exercises.  Mine is not pretty and it’s a lot bigger, but you get the gist. These are great for exactly what they say.  Rolling trigger points after a workout will help keep soreness down to a minimum. I have also found they help you from getting muscle spasms and long term soreness.Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller by Prosource- www.yourstrulyjenn.comBose Sound Sport Wellness Headphones- I have used the beats wireless headphones for about 2 years, but for some reason the ear piece always hurt my ears.  I have not had any problem with these headphones and the sound quality is amazing.  Who could go wrong with a Bose product?

Bose Sound Sport Wellness Headphones-

Hydro Flask– These are a little pricey but you wouldn’t believe how many different water bottles we have at our house that just don’t do the trick so the price justifies itself. This one keeps the same ice when you return 10 hours later. The Hydro Flask doesn’t produce any condensation on the side of the bottle. I can’t speak highly enough about this product.  I have the solid teal one.  My son gave it to me for Christmas.

Hydro Flask-

Athleta Excursion Tights–  I absolutely love the Athleta tights.  I am 5’7″ so I ordered the tall which I love.  After I wear leggings twice they usually are too short which is so annoying.  These are still the perfect length after 3 months.  They also have a pocket on the side that is deep enough for your phone to be completely covered.  Great for working out and then throwing a sweater over to make a Target run. They are the perfect fit, right amount of thickness, oh and did I mention they make your butt look really good.  What else could you ask for?  Check them out in this picture.

check out these amazing workout finds.

Calia Sweater–  My son gave me this women’s effortless metallic hooded sweater made by Carrie Underwood’s line Calia for Christmas. I think I’ve already worn it like 4 times in 2 weeks. I get really hot when I shop and run errands so this sweater is perfect for me.  it is casual but super cute and trendy so it is perfect and can be used for multiple purposes.  The sweater is pictured above.

If you are looking for some new things to add to your workout stash checkout these products. I think you might find some of them to be beneficial to help you in your fitness journey.  I would love to hear about products you are loving.  Leave a comment below if there is something you’re using that I need to try.

Yours Truly,


Tips to Ward off The Winter Blues

 As winter rolls on and the weather is less than desirable, I tend to feel a little blah.  The days are short and the nights are long and I yearn for a hint of some warmer weather.  I like to have some things that I can look forward to, so here are some things I do to help ward off the winter blues.

Reward Yourself

I like to make a list of a couple goals and then give myself a reward when I accomplish the goals.  I usually like to purchase an outfit or something special like that so I can also enjoy the day out shopping which makes me even more happy.

How to ward off the winter blues-

Plan A Weekend Away

Plan a little weekend get away with your spouse or some girlfriends. That gives you something to look forward to.  Spend a couple weeks on Pinterest researching places to visit, where to eat, and best places to stay.  If you can’t afford to do that or you can’t take time off from work, plan a staycation that’s packed with tons of fun adventures in your own area.  There is a ton of stuff I hate to admit that I haven’t done in my own area.

Tips to ward off the winter blues-

Spring Ready Body

So many people have some type of fitness goal as part of their new year’s resolutions.  How about pushing yourself to meet your goal and then purchasing a brand new bathing suit to get ready for your first beach day of the season.

Pamper Yourself

There are lots of things you can do at your own home to pamper yourself.  I love to buy fresh flowers. You can find some great prices and beautiful blooms at Trader Joe’s or local grocery stores. Lighting a candle, taking a bath, meditation, putting on some music, and taking some quiet time to read a book are all things you can do at your own home to bring joy and peace to a chaotic day.

Pamper yourself to ward off the winter blues.

These are all simple things you can do to ward off the winter blues and have a great start to 2018. If you want more in-depth ideas on how to take care of yourself, check out my new self-care series here, here, here and here.  I hope the whole year will be amazing for you.  I’m looking forward to this year and what is in store for me and my family.

Yours Truly,


5 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

Love Yourself Series

No one wants to be stressed or have anxiety, but life isn’t perfect and it hands us overwhelming situations.  I found, if I do things in preparation I feel a lot less stressed about my day.  I can’t control everything, but at least I can help myself feel as prepared as I can for the day and weeks ahead. Here are 5 easy ways to deal with stress.  I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

Prepare for the next day the night before

There are several things you can prepare the night before so you’re not so rushed in the morning.  Some people like to sleep in late and leave no extra time for things that may arise. They leave no time for traffic issues, dog problems, and kids not listening.  That is not how “real” mornings play out so preparing things the night before leaves time for when these stressful situations happen in the morning.  You can set out the main parts of your lunch.  You might not want to make the sandwich, but you can set out a banana and crackers.  You can press your outfit and pick out your shoes.  This will save a lot of time in the morning.  You can go ahead and place your breakfast out so in the morning you are just quickly making it. You can also pack up your work bag.  This also means finding your keys and being ready to just walk out the door.

Set out your clothes the night before to have a smooth morning.

keep your planner up to date

Writing down your schedule and important dates will help you see everything in a glance. Seeing the big picture will help you stay organized and allow your brain to relax a bit. Then you’re not always having to constantly remember all the tidbits of your life. That’s draining!  I also like to keep a pad of paper by my bed so if I think of something important I can jot it down and then add it to my planner in the morning.  This can really help if you’re having sleep issues.  I always feel if I write it down then my brain can relax.

Write down your schedule in a planner so you can see the big picture.

Manage your time wisely

I like using block scheduling in my day.  I like to set up my day in chunks so I can fit everything in.  I try to stick to those times unless something is really pressing.  It really allows you to try to get to all the things on your list. Setting a timer is also so helpful. For some reason, that timer really keeps me cruising along.  I don’t know what authority it has on me, but I really push myself to stay on track if the timer is set. Know your priorities and get the most important things done first.  This is very important with time management.  If you know something doesn’t have to be done until next month do the thing that has to be done tomorrow first.

Spend time with family

Spending quality time with your family has shown to relieve stress.  When you’re around people who love you, you tend to relax and just be yourself. Isn’t that a novel idea that we can be the people we want to be around the people that love us.  Ask yourself, “are you spending the amount of time you want with your family or are you working too much?” This could be one of the causes of your stress.  Evaluate this in your life and see if there is anything in your schedule that you can shift to help you spend more time with your family.

Spend as much quality time with your family as you can.

Stay Positive

We are all a work in progress.  Taking baby steps is still progress.  Any time you are moving forward is progress no matter how small.  Nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t strive to be.  That in itself will bring you more stress than you know.  Let go of the past and try to move forward with some new priorities set in place to bring about positivity in your life.

Today was the last day of the series.  I hope you have been following along and taking good care of yourself.  If you missed any of the posts you can check them out here, here and here. Have a great weekend.

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