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How to Handle Putting Away Christmas the Right Way

How to clean up Christmas the right way

New Years has come and gone and you are probably in the middle of taking down your Christmas decor. The best way to tackle this chore is to do it in a way that will give you a smooth opening the following year. You want to make sure you know where everything is and you can get to it easily.  Here are some steps to help you tackle this chore to make it less painful and to keep your home as tidy as possible in the process.

How to tackle your Christmas clean up the right way.

Ten Tips to Help You Clean Up the Christmas Clutter

  1.  Don’t start unless you can devote a block of time to “UNDECORATING”.  You don’t have to finish the task, but try to set aside a decent amount of time to devote toward this and work on it until you find a good stopping point.
  2. You will want to organize well.  You don’t want to throw stuff in any old way because it will be a mess next year when you pull it out.
  3. Never go upstairs/downstairs without carrying something up. There are so many boxes, lanterns, tree pieces etc…. that you need to put in storage that every time you pass by you need to carry something up/down.  This will help in the long run when it’s actually time to put the boxes away.
  4. Store your decorations that are similar to each other in the same room.  They are easier to sort that way so you know which tubs to take to what room.  This will make the final packing go faster.
  5. Keep up with daily tasks like dishes, laundry etc… or you will become so overwhelmed and the house will start to look very untidy with all the extra clutter.
  6. Ask for help.  Your family can help you carry your trees and tubs back to your storage area.  I have a hard time asking for help so I could listen to my own advice on this one.
  7. Get rid of your trash from Christmas.  Any wrapping paper, boxes, or bags that you’re not going to keep need to be thrown away immediately.
  8. Sort items that need to be taken back to the store and put away gifts that you are going to keep.  This will drastically change the look of your house.  Once everything has its own place in your house then your home will start to look back to normal.
  9. Put your storage away with next year in mind.  If you know you’re not going to use your red and silver ornaments next year, then put those ornaments in the back and on the bottom.  This will help when you are getting out your ornaments and decor next year.  You will be able to get your front boxes off the top. WIN!
  10. BE PATIENT! It took me 3 weeks to finish my Christmas decorating so it will take me some time to take it down.  I need to remember that and give myself a little slack when trying to take down and organize everything.

I hope these tips were helpful.  I enjoy Christmas, but I do like getting everything back in order and getting back on a schedule.  Happy “undecorating” and Happy New Year.

Yours Truly,



Decluttering for the Holidays

As the holidays are quickly approaching you may start to feel a little overwhelmed with your long to do list.  I’m sure the last thing you want to do is add something painful like decluttering your home. But when I’m feeling stressed it is usually because the walls feel like they are closing in on me. One of the best feelings is to accomplish something that has been hanging over your head.  You can also help someone else by donating your gently used items.

We are doing some remodeling in our home and this really forced me to purge my closets and most of the rooms in the house.  Here are a few tips I learned along the way.  I am in no way an expert, but I’m trying to minimize the “stuff” in our home that we just don’t need. I hope these tips are helpful.


  1. Even if you paid a lot of money for an item (or have only worn it once), if you’re not getting use out of it….. DONATE!  This tends to be the toughest rule for me.  I have a hard time getting rid of something expensive or something I wasted my money on. It’s just collecting dust in your closet, but someone else could really use it.
  2. In your closet, face all the hangers one way.  However, as you wear the clothing hang them back facing the opposite way.  In 6 months, all the clothes that you haven’t worn will still be facing the original way.  These are the clothes that you can give away. (Except maybe for seasonal pieces)
  3. Get your kids and spouse on board.  This doesn’t have to be just your job.  Kids tend to know what they play with and what they don’t use anymore.  It is great for them to get a feel for helping others from a young age.
  4. Invest in some sturdy storage boxes.  I cleaned out our built in desk and storage cabinet in the kitchen.  A lot of it was trash that needed to be thrown away or shredded, but some of it needed to be kept.  However, I didn’t need a bunch of warranties and phone case boxes in the desk area.  So I bought a couple storage boxes and organized the stuff and stored them in the attic.  This way I can get to them easily, but they’re not junking up my kitchen anymore.
  5. Don’t forget to go through things that could be expired like medicines, food from the pantry etc…. Throwing these items away could give you the room you’ve been looking for in that bathroom closet.

I hope you can use some of these tips to make your home a little less cluttered.  I know they helped me, but I’m still a work in progress.

Your truly,