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How do you Measure Success?

I just returned from the Bash Conference in Phoenix and I learned a lot about blogging and met lots of new friends. These conferences are meant to get you motivated and set you in the right direction.  They give you a little umph to kick yourself into gear and in this case, start the New Year off with a bang.  Everyone is talking about organization and goal setting since it’s the New Year.  I want to take it a step further and analyze what you think success looks like to you.

How Do You Measure Success?

This subject is so subjective…. Everyone looks at success with a different set of criteria.  Are you successful if you have the fancy car, big house, and six figure income?  Or do you measure it by a beautiful family with 2.5 kids, a nice house with the white picket fence, a husband, and a stable career you love.  Also, do you have spiritual balance and a good relationship with your spouse?  All these things sound amazing…  I wonder how many would be on your list to indicate success?

How Do You Measure Success?

We all have a certain criteria for different aspects of our lives.  You may be pushing a little harder one year to advance your professional career while your spouse is giving a little more on the home front.  I think the major thing to remember is BALANCE.  Having balance in your personal and professional life seems to be the key to making most people happy.

The best way to achieve this balance goes back to setting appropriate goals for the different parts of your life that you are holding yourself accountable for.  Then you know nothing will fall through the cracks and you’re juggling those balls and wearing as many hats as you can to the best of your ability.  You just need to know when to say NO.  It’s ok to not be the snack mom every party.  My husband always says, “is this something you’re going to be thinking about 5 years from now?”  If you can answer no, then the majority of the time it’s not worth worrying about.  Enjoy this year and be the best version of yourself in 2016.

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Setting New Year’s Goals

Well we are into 2016 and I’m ready to set some goals for this new year.  I’m not one that really likes to do New Year’s resolutions.  I feel most of those just fall short of my completing them and then I feel bad or guilty.  However, when I set obtainable goals I feel they are something I can strive to achieve and I keep working toward my end goal.  I’m just trying to better myself and keep pushing to do my best each day.

There are a couple things I like to do to make achieving my goals a little easier.  Here is a list of the things I do.  I would love to hear what you do also.  Leave comments below to let me know what helps you accomplish your goals.

Setting Goals for 2016

Things That Help Me Accomplish My Goals

  1. Write it down–  Things seem real when you write them down.  Writing down your goals help give you a clear statement as to what you want to accomplish.
  2. Make your goal specific–  Sometimes we make goals so broad we’re not really sure what the parameters are and what we really want to accomplish.  Make sure you know exactly what it is that you are trying to work on.
  3. Enlist a friend-  Having a friend to workout with is way more fun then being on your own.  A friend can also hold you accountable on days you don’t want to work out or you want to eat a piece of cheesecake.
  4. Set a timeline or deadline. Dates will help keep you on track.  I always do better when I know when I have to start and finish something.  It just seems to keep me in line when I know what the time frame is that I will be accomplishing a certain task.
  5. Use as many resources as possible to reach your goal.- There are so many resources these days that can help you reach your goal.  Books, social media, Apps and professionals are all great resources that may get you to the place you want to be. Don’t be afraid to get help from other sources.
  6. Change your habits.  When you slowly change your daily habits you can make a difference in your life and implement change in a positive direction.

Success is the sum of

small efforts,

repeated day in and day out.

-Robert Collier

God is within her. She will not fail.

Psalm 46:5