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What You Should Pack For a Beach Vacation

We’re getting ready to head to Grand Cayman for my husband’s work.  We’ve been there 4 times, but always with our kids.  This time we’re going by ourselves. We know the area well and know some of the fun things to do there. We are excited to be going back to a place we’re so familiar. We’re hoping for a little rest and relaxation and also to see things we may have missed on other trips. I’m going to show you a couple things I’m packing so if you have a a trip coming up this summer you can get some ideas of what you should pack for a beach vacation.

Check out these tips and tricks for traveling out of the country on a beach vacation.

Packing for A Beach Vacation

Clothes- Clothing is probably the first thing you start with and how you determine the vibe of the trip.  You have to think is this going to be casual and a resort feel or a more formal and business like attire and then go from there.  For us, we will have several dinners we have to attend so I know I have to dress up for those. The rest of the trip I will mainly dress in resort, casual attire since it is a resort type atmosphere.  Don’t over pack. Pack only what you need and maybe an outfit or 2 more for emergencies.  Remember, you have to carry all of this, wash it, and put it away when you get home.  Take only what is necessary. You will thank me the day you return.

If you’re not sure what the dress code is for dinners, look online or call the hotel ahead of time.  They are glad to tell you the dress code.  They want your business.  It is better to be prepared then to get there and have the wrong clothing.

Toiletries–  I try to pack the least amount as possible.  I pack the bare minimum in make up, hair supplies, and skin care as possible.  Remember the hotel will have things like hair dryers, shampoos, and lotions. This will save space if you can eliminate having to take those items. However, you MUST have sunscreen.  Even take more than you think you will need.  It is very expensive at the hotel. If you are going out of the country the sun’s rays are coming in directly instead of at an angle like we’re used to in the United States. You will  get way more sun than you’re used to and at a quicker rate.  We’ve run out before and I would never be unprepared again. We can only use one type of sunscreen with our sensitive skin and they didn’t have it so we broke out on top of also getting a sunburn.  NOT a fun rest of the trip. 

Miscellaneous– You will want to take things like jewelry, your computer, kindle, and, camera.  Just remember that if you put these things in your carry on it will become super heavy.  One time my carry on and purse together weighed 25 plus pounds.  I stopped taking my big computer and just took my iPad so it wasn’t as heavy.  That way I could use that as my computer, music source and kindle app.  Total space saver.  Think smart when you travel. You don’t want to put things like medicine, jewelry, or a camera in your luggage so you must put them in your carry on.  Remember your chargers for all your devices you take and even extra chargers if you have them.

Check out these tips and tricks for traveling out of the country on a beach vacation.

Packing Tricks

  •  Make a list of items you’re taking a couple days before you leave so you can leisurely prepare.
  • Write your list starting from your morning routine all the way to what you do each night.  That way you won’t miss any important items to take.  ie medicines, inhaler, epipen, supplies).
  • Put your shoes in a shower cap or travel bag so they don’t get the rest of your clothes dirty.
  • Make sure you know travel rules before you leave.  Be aware if  a passport is needed and what you can carry on a plane.
  • We like to check in at least an hour and a half early for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights. To be safe, ask each airport what their guidelines are.
  • Check the night before to make sure there haven’t been any delays or changes with your flight.  Do this again in the morning.
  • Print out all hotel confirmations so they are easy to produce if there is a problem at the hotel.
  • Give each person in the group a little money in case the head person on your trip loses their wallet or unfortunately gets robbed. That way you will have a little emergency cash from the others in your group.

Check out these tips and tricks for traveling out of the country on a beach vacation.

Are you going on any fun trips this summer with your family or friends?  I would love to hear about your travel plans and some of your tips as well.  Any Grand Cayman fans?  Would love to know the things you enjoy doing there as well.

Yours Truly,


What You Need To Take On Your Spring Break

Easter is quickly approaching and that means spring break for most kids.  We are taking our annual spring break trip and this year we are going to St. Thomas.  We have been to this US Virgin Island 3 other times before, but we really love it and so do our kids.  There are some essentials that you just have to remember when you travel to any sunny destination.  These places are used to people forgetting things, but you can pay a pricey fee for forgetting an essential item.  I would suggest you make a list about a week before you go and shop off that list so you have everything you need.  We didn’t take enough sunscreen on one of our trips to the Bahamas and they didn’t carry the brand we used.  We bought a different brand and all got rashes and burned horribly.  I vowed I would never get caught without the right amount of sunscreen and other essentials from home again.

Top Ten Things to Take on Your Spring Break Trip

  1.  EARPHONES AND MUSIC PLAYLIST-  I always take my headphones for the airplane, pool area, nighttime relaxing, working out, and getting ready.  I couldn’t go a week without music.  You don’t want to forget your earphones either.  You probably want to take an extra set.  Also have your playlist up to date before you leave.
  2. PLENTY OF SUNSCREEN–  This is very expensive in destination locations.  You definitely want to purchase enough for everyone in your party to be able to reapply every couple of hours.
  3. ORDER ALL YOUR PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES IN ADVANCE–  Make sure you have looked at all your medicines to make sure they will all last you through a couple days past your trip.  If not, go ahead and reorder so you will be all set for traveling.  For controlled substances you may want to keep them in the original bottles.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU PACK ALL CHARGERS- The last thing you want is to have your devices die on you once you arrive at your hotel. You will be using lots of data while traveling so chargers are very important.  Make sure you pack all your chargers for every device you take.  I always put this on my packing list and put them in my carry on in case my main luggage doesn’t arrive.
  5. PACK YOUR COMPUTER AND ALL DEVICES–  I pack all important devices in my carry on.  You may want to make sure all your devices stay with you.
  6. TAKE YOUR SUNGLASSES– You don’t want to be at the pool or in town without a pair of sunglasses.  This is not an item you want to buy at a hotel gift shop.  They can be quite costly.
  7. MOISTURIZER–  You are going to be in the sun a lot on your trip so your moisturizer is important to your skin care routine.  Make sure you apply it twice a day.
  8. MAKE UP REMOVER–  Taking your make up off is so important at the end of the day.  Do you really want to fall into bed with a face full of make up?  Make sure you remember these important wipes. You can carefully remove your make up with wipes that you are used to so you don’t break out from unusual hotel products.
  9. CAMERA–  I’m sure your phone takes great pictures. However, taking a little point and shoot camera for capturing those important moments is a great idea.  My daughter has a little Canon that vlogs as well.  We always take this camera with us on our trips.
  10. READING MATERIALS-  One time I didn’t take books on our trip out of the country and it was the biggest mistake.  I am definitely a read by the pool kind of girl and there were no reading materials in this hotel gift shop.  I had already read all my airport materials and had nothing to read the rest of my trip.  If your hotel does have material for reading it will be quite a bit more expensive.  It is just easier to take it from home.

Here are a couple things you need to ask yourself when packing to see if it is really something you need to take on your trip.  Hopefully this can help you narrow down what you absolutely need to take with you and what can stay at home.

  1. Only take what you can carry- This is a big one with my kids.  Sometimes my husband has them carry my carry on bag in the airport.  They watch that bag closely at home to see how much I am packing in it because they know eventually they will be asked to carry it.  They have a vested interest in how much I’m packing in that bag because they may end up carrying it plus there bag as well.  Only pack what you can carry.
  2. Are you certain you need it?  If you are not certain if you need it, put it in a separate pile and if you have room you can take it.  Then when you weigh your bag you know if you can add more stuff or not.
  3. Does it fit within the 50 pounds weight limit?  I think you want to pack what you need and see if it fits in the 50 pound weight limit.  If it doesn’t, I don’t think you want to pay extra for a heavy bag so you have to take out the items that aren’t essentials.
  4. See if your hotel room supplies it-  There is no need for me to take a hair dryer if my hotel room is already supplying it.  Most hotels have room specifics on their website.
  5. Ask yourself is this item big and heavy?  Sometimes packing certain items are not worth it when they are big and heavy.  Think about what items are necessities and what items fit in that 50 pound weight limit.
  6. Will you freak out if it’s lost or stolen?  Will you be able to live with yourself if this item is lost or stolen?  If you have a pair of diamond earrings that you just can’t seem to part with; either wear them the whole trip, ask for a hotel safe, or leave them at home.  If you are afraid of items getting stolen; leave them at home with your house alarm on.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable break with your family.  We all deserve a little time off now and then. I am looking forward to not having a schedule to follow for a couple days. Leave me a comment below and let me know your awesome spring break plans.

Yours Truly,