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Like it, Love it, List

There are so many spring things I’m loving right now.  Sadly, my wallet is paying the price. Since I have had a recent weight loss I really need everything. (post to come soon),  I hope you will love the list as well.

These Nordstrom Vince Camuto peep toe shoes in tan are the bomb.  I can’t believe they are also so comfortable.  As soon as they arrived, I tried to order them in black too and of course my size was sold out.  Try to get these in the tan if you can. We will be shoe twins.

Nordstrom Vince Camuto peep toe sandals in tan. The perfect shoe for spring and summer.

I really love Becca swimwear.  I don’t really want to admit this, but I have a Becca suit that is from when my son was born and he is 16 years old. They hold up so well.  I only bring it out in bathing suit emergencies, but the colors and elastic still look and feel great.   I love this year’s suit that I picked,  I got this fabulous cranberry color. You can mix and match the pieces to fit your style.  The high rise bottoms are very in this year and some colors are already sold out so get them before your color goes.

If you are a fan of black and white decor, than you won’t want to miss Target’s project 62 outdoor collection.  It is fun, trendy, and affordable.  My favorite pieces are the umbrellas, pillows, and rugs.  You can’t go wrong with black and white to give your outdoor entertaining area a resort feel.  Your guests will feel so at home.

Now is the time to be thinking about your graduate. Check out this post I did for Minted when my daughter graduated last year.  Minted always has the best selection of cards for your big day.  Also, I found the best gift for an athletic child.  Check out this ETSY store. She makes quilts out of your child’s old sports tee shirts.  The only draw back is you really need to do this now so she has time to get this back to you.

Minted has a great selection of graduation cards.

I hope you were able to find a couple things that you like or love from my list.  I’m going to enjoy this weather and hope for it to stick around.  Happy Easter you guys.

Yours Truly,



Celebrate Your Graduation with Minted

Your big day is almost here! GRADUATION!!!! I know you are getting more excited as that day approaches. Meanwhile, the parents are cringing and trying to find someone they can pay to turn back time.  My daughter will be a senior next year and I’m already a wreck. I got teary eyed at my son’s induction into the National Junior Honor Society when they played Pomp and Circumstance. How will I ever survive a graduation? I guess I will be the one wearing sunglasses indoors. Junior year has been crazy enough with ring dance, college tours, and SAT’s.  Will I even be able to handle senior year without medication?  I will pray for those of you in the thick of it.  Remember the fun things though; you get to have a party and celebrate your graduate.  Throwing a party is always my favorite part.  You know me; any excuse to plan a party.  I have partnered with Minted to help make this process easier on you.  Their graduation announcements and gifts are really top notch. Plus they have stationery, thank you cards, and tons of other products you may need.   They are always my choice when I do my own holiday cards.  The process is simple and I always get a quality card.

Minted Graduation announcement.

I wanted to share Minted’s addressing assistant program. If you order cards from Minted they will address your invitations for you for free. Check out their site and see if the cards you order are eligible for this program. The process is very easy and saves you tons of time.  Also check out some of their graduation gifts.  I love the portraits of your favorite school building.  I know that would be a lovely gift to put in a new apartment or office.

framed school portraits from Minted.

There are so many color options to choose from when selecting announcements. I am so into rose gold right now.  I like how this card features the graduate and that is the main focus.  Your guests know they are getting a graduation card from you.  If you are wanting a card that stands out, this could be the choice for you.

The Future is Bright Minted Graduation card.

If you’re having trouble picking a picture for your card, this option might work for you.  You can feature several pictures.  I know when I’m doing holiday cards, I like to display a couple of pictures of us throughout the year.  You may want a picture of you in your cap and gown and then several of your casual senior pictures.

multi picture graduation card from Minted.

Most people pick the pictures they like first and then the card selection comes second.  However, if there is a specific card you know you have to have you can tell your photographer ahead of time the type of shots that you would like.  For example, I need three vertical pictures and one horizontal photo.  That way you are certain your pictures will match the card you have selected.  Otherwise, select the pictures you like and match them to a comparable graduation card. Minted has tons to choose from so I’m sure you will be able to find one in the format you are looking for.

Horizontal Guy Graduation announcement from Minted.

If you are getting ready to do senior pictures, here are a couple tips:

  • If someone is doing your makeup, have them do it near a natural light source if possible. You want to look like your everyday self.  Your make up just needs to be a little darker to show up nicely in the photos.
  • Keep your hair simple and timeless.  You don’t want to pick something that is dated.  Your pictures will be on your parent’s wall for years to come.  If braids are in this year, I can guarantee they won’t be in style next year.
  • Girls keep your nails short and clean.  If you paint your nails, paint them a light color or a french manicure always looks lovely.
  • Wear clothes that you and your photographer have agreed upon.  Sometimes certain clothes go better in certain locations.  Also stay away from clothes with lots of print or writing on them.

Peach and green graduation announcement from Minted.

I hope you were able to find some helpful tips or products.  Good luck in your next adventure. I’m sure you will do great things along the way.

Yours Truly,


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Minted for all the Mothers in Your Life

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and it’s time to think about the lovely ladies in your life.  I don’t want you to be stressed about finding the right gifts.  I actually love shopping for Mother’s Day.  I think of my mom as one of my best friends.  She is a very selfless person that puts other’s needs before her own.  I strive to be that kind of mom to my children. I have been a mother for over 16 years and each Mother’s Day is so special to me. My children and husband try to make the day so relaxing. It’s nice to have a whole day set aside where everything is about you. It gives you the feeling that you are appreciated by the ones you love. However, the day isn’t only about me. It’s about the other ladies in my life as well. I love sharing that day with my mom and my grandma. Minted has some lovely gifts to take care of all the special ladies close to you. I know there are things I loved when I was browsing the site and there are plenty of gifts for new moms and grandmothers as well. I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you.

The Love, You Love framed portrait by Seven Swans was my favorite. I was lucky enough to receive this from Minted. I’m obsessed with rose gold right now and the pressed foiling  makes this matting so unique. I like things that you can customize because you know not everyone is going to own the same thing. Ordering this was a very quick and easy process. There are tons of frames to choose from so you will get exactly the one that matches your decor and style. You can purchase it framed or just matted. However, You can’t find pieces of framed artwork for this price in many other places. My suggestion is to go ahead and purchase the frame. You select one of your own family pictures and personalize it right there on your computer. The steps are so easy I could even do it and you know I’m not tech savvy. I like how Minted walked me through the steps of finalizing my picture selection. This made it easy for me and I knew the final product would turn out unbelievable. I have it displayed in my office where I can look at it daily and remember our wonderful family trip to Hilton Head.

Love you, Love frame from Minted.

Flower Mom by Minted

Flower Mom By Sara Hicks Malone for Minted.

I love sentimental gifts.  My office is full of gifts that my children made me and it makes me so happy to see them on a daily basis.  I can look at each picture or pottery piece and know my child took their time and attention to make me something really special.  Minted has an amazing way to showcase your child’s special artwork or handwritten letter. The process is as simple as uploading the drawing and Minted transforms your art into a framed masterpiece done by your child.  I know you and your child would treasure this gift for years to come.

Minted Custom kid drawings as art.

Your child’s drawing transformed into framed art.

A first Mother’s Day is very special and you will always remember your first one.  I know I do. You can’t go wrong with these new mother’s gifts from Minted.   The Petit Floral frame (pictured below) and The Love You To The Moon and Back Framed Art by Chasity Smith are so cute.  All new mothers have pictures of their newborns everywhere.  A lot of new parents show the growth of their baby’s first year by doing photography sessions every 3 months. You know they will have tons of photos to display.  These make perfect gifts for the new mom.  Hint, hint to all the new dads out there.

Minted Petit Floral newborn frame

Petit Floral by Phrosne Ras for Minted.

Did you know minted has amazing artists from all over the world that create beautiful artwork? The artwork is so versatile and has so many options that this would be the perfect gift for any mother on your list.  After receiving my framed portrait of my kids, I was so pleased I wanted to look more into the artwork Minted offers.  I was looking to spruce up my new console table in my foyer and I wanted to pull out some spring colors on the wall to match the decor I used on the table.  I was so happy to find artwork that was so cheery and brightened up my foyer with beautiful colors. The Grapefuity Too by Katie Craig had the perfect colors and concept that I was looking for.  It really is the piece I wanted to greet my guests and make them feel welcome in our home.


Grapefruity Too by Katie craig for Minted...

Don’t forget that Minted has amazing invitations for every special occasion.  If you are throwing a Mother’s Day brunch or luncheon, head over to Minted and find the perfect invitation to match your color scheme and theme.  Leave me a comment below telling me how you plan on spending your Mother’s Day.

Yours Truly,


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