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Florida Room Challenge

I love spring and summer. Everything is so beautifully manicured and has a clean and fresh vibe.  I recently visited Amelia Island Florida where the weather was a beautiful 88 degrees and fabulous the entire week. There are such amazing properties in Florida.  We have often talked about moving there to retire.  It’s an easy flight back home to see friends and family and you can’t beat the weather. I’m already used to the humidity so my hair will still have issues for another few decades.  However, you could say I live the “salt life” already.   I’m 25 minutes from Virginia Beach and an hour away from Nags Head.  Although we have four distinct seasons here, I can still see a gorgeous beach sunrise or sunset anytime I want.

I am currently redoing our back patio and around our pool and designing an outdoor kitchen area.  I’m so excited for this home update, because we really are the kind of folks that entertain more outside.  My husband has clients over frequently and our two teenagers have friends over at the pool a lot.  We thought it was time to take the plunge and make the back of the house what we’ve always envisioned. Here is my moodboard for my patio decor.  I’m really into the resort black and white stripe for the accessories. While keeping the main pieces more neutral in beige and white.


My sunroom update mood board.

When I think of coastal living I’m not necessarily drawn to beach themed decor, but rather comfortable interiors that have a relaxed peace about them. When owning a beach property, you can bring the same style and decor you use in your permanent residence to your beach property.  For an example of this style home, check out Shauna at The House of Silver Lining.  Her beach home looks just like she decorates her permanent residence. AND…. I think it is just fabulous.  Here are some tips for creating your Florida room or outdoor entertaining space.

  1. It is key to make any beach property or your Florida room low maintenance.  When designing my dream space, there were tons of rooms I saw that were glamorous and gorgeous, but they were not practical or livable spaces for my family.  You don’t want to live in a showroom. Think about the purpose of your space.  Will you be entertaining overnight guests? Will you be throwing parties?  Once you know how you will be using your space you can get a better plan for starting your own moodboard.
  2. Create a calming, relaxing space.  You need to be comfortable in your home. Soft neutral shades create relaxation.  I’m sure you’ve seen all those home improvement shows on HGTV and they are always painting the bedroom a calming neutral color.  That’s because they want to make it a relaxing, calm space.  You are looking to bring casual comfort in your furniture and design choices.  You will be spending lots of time in your Florida room or beach home.  You may have a magnificent view overlooking the ocean or a serene sanctuary of a space in your home that you can call your own.  Whatever place you can escape to, needs to have calming colors.
  3. Try to have a natural light source in your space.  Natural light has so many benefits.  From the economical reasons such as heating to health factors such as prevention of seasonal anxiety disorder.  Of course bloggers love it because it gives us the perfect set up for taking pictures for our posts.  So many reasons why natural sunlight is the way to go.
  4. Use accessories to bring in personality. I like to create a blank canvas by using a neutral color palette with my large pieces as anchors and then add pops of color in my accessories.  Things like pillows, area rugs. and decor items can be easily changed out as seasons change or your taste changes.  These items are less expensive and are easier to change out.  Then adding some greenery by using artificial or real plants will seal the deal.  I am not one that has had much luck with keeping my plants alive.  Whether real or artificial the fig tree is quite popular right now.
  5. Unplug technology and spend time with family. Even if you can’t live in a beach location, create a place to escape from the everyday rat race. Your place of solitude to get away from it all.  Unplug your technology and feel the serene surroundings.  Give your family and friends your undivided attention.  Everyone needs time away from the stresses of work and life’s worries.

I hope you have a place you enjoy spending time or entertaining guests.  I am almost ready to give you a tour of the outside of my home.  I can’t wait to present that post to you guys.  The outdoor kitchen and fire pit won’t be ready until closer to fall, but I’m okay with that.  We can have s’mores in September after Friday night football games.

Yours Truly,


Entryway Make Over Before and After

I love a good make over.  What better place to start then at the front of the house?  It is the first impression people get when they walk in your home.  Hopefully, it reflects your style because it is an important part of your home. Your guests want to feel welcomed when they walk in and the entryway has the ability to do that.  I have a two story entryway so I needed decor pieces that would adequately fill the space.

My original console table was beautiful but was a little small.  I loved decorating it for Christmas with my nativity scene. I usually like change, but my parents gave me this table when we moved in so I was a little hesitant to get a new one.   The color of the console was beautiful and it matched well with my hardwood floors. Really the only thing it needed was to be a little larger. I was ready to update it and get a piece that fit the space a little better.  Below is a picture of our original console table and decor.  I love that picture of my babies when they were little.  By the way, it is still in the foyer. We just moved it by the door.  I couldn’t get rid of that.  This console table was also repurposed to a different room.  I love when that works out.  You feel like another room got a brand new piece of furniture.


The original console table in my entryway.

This console table by Restoration Hardware is AHHH-Mazing.   I loved it as soon as I saw it.  The color is perfect and the style definitely fits our home.  I love how it has space to decorate on the upper and the lower sections. The decor is now spaced adequately and fits perfectly when you walk in the foyer.


My new Restoration Hardware console table for my foyer.

Minted artwork.

I chose to use some color in the entryway and brought out some pink in the decor and artwork.  I love this painting from Minted by Katie Craig.  Check out my post on other Minted products that would be perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. You can’t go wrong with one of these gifts. If you’re looking for more entryway ideas check out this post I did last year.

  Yours Truly,


Decorating My Bar Cart 3 Different Ways

The bar cart is the next best thing to sliced bread.  It basically is an extra piece of furniture that you can just push into a room and set up whatever you need it for.  If you’re throwing a party, you have an automatic bar, food station etc…  However in this post, I’m going to show you how to use the bar cart in your everyday life.  I’m going to decorate my bar cart 3 different ways and show you how it functions in my day to day activities.

We use our outdoor space a lot for relaxing and entertaining.  That is where we spend most of our time from spring to fall.  We are definitely the kind of couple that has more fun outside around the pool rather than hosting a dinner around the dining room table. So it just makes since to use the bar cart around the outdoor entertaining area.  There are plenty of ways I can use this to help me organize some outdoor supplies.

Using the bar cart for outdoor entertaining is a great way to keep all your essentials in one place.


You may not think the bathroom is an appropriate place for a bar cart, but it really is the perfect place to hold all your essential items for a relaxing soak in the bath.  Here I was able to hold items such as my towels, bath salts, music, reading material. and wine so nothing would get wet or ruined while I was in the tub.  Then you can reach all your items and they aren’t placed on the bathroom floor.  Plus it dresses the bathroom up so nicely.

You can use a bar cart in your bathroom to hold all your spa items.

Put your essentials on a bathroom bar cart.

A book, wine, and bath beads are great essentials for a bathroom bar cart.

I leave my bar cart in the kitchen when I’m not using it elsewhere.  It holds decorative items that go along with seasonal decor. This is one of my favorite things to decorate for the changing seasons. Fresh flowers are a constant on the bar cart.  I love fresh flowers and on a weekly basis change those out. There is just something cheery about having flowers in the kitchen greeting you in the morning.  I am not a morning person and it just kicks off my day with a little something special.

In the kitchen, I’m using the bar cart as a coffee station.  I have my Keurig set up with my favorite coffee mugs.  I like to keep this set up because it’s practical and makes sense for weekend guests.  They know exactly where to get their morning coffee and they can help themselves.  I love things that make life easier. Especially when I’m entertaining.

Use your bar cart for a coffee station in the kitchen.

I leave my bar cart in my kitchen for guests to use.

I love these decor items on the coffee station.

Of course there are other uses for your bar cart.  You can use it as a bar, a brunch set up, and a party backdrop and so much more.  It really is a versatile piece that has been a great investment for me.  If you’re looking to purchase one, I hope you got some great decorating ideas today.

Yours Truly,


My Library Makeover- Before and After

One of my guilty pleasures is reading.  I love buying BOOKS!!!  I love fiction, non fiction, self help, inspirational, religious, magazines etc…  My husband doesn’t understand  how I can be reading several books at a time.  I’m usually reading a non fiction book because I really enjoy learning and keeping my mind sharp.  However, fiction books are just pure fun and always easy reads. I always have one of those on my night stand.  Since I buy books even though I haven’t finished the ones I currently own (I have a serious book problem) my bookshelves in my library are in need of a little (ok a LOT) TLC.  I love styling bookshelves and these really need to be shaped up.

I would like to take these bookshelves, in my library, and give them a little makeover.  I’m not currently teaching and my kids are both teenagers, so I can really knock down the amount of children’s books I have on my shelves.  I would like to have a shelf down low for my nieces and nephew for when they visit.  Weeding out the huge amount of my guided reading and teaching books will really make room for other things I would like to display on the shelves.

Here is a before picture of the library with all the books that are currently being

stored on the shelves.


My library

The before picture of my library. What a hot mess!!!!

Here is the after picture of the library after I packed away the books I wasn’t using anymore.  This gave me plenty of room to actually style the books that were left and plenty of space left for decorating as well.


It took me 6 hours to box up all these books.

Here is a picture of the library after the bookshelves have been styled.


library finished.

The finished product.

This project was a huge undertaking, but I really wanted to be able to find my books quickly.  I decided to organize the books by color and then use some of my decorations to fill in the empty spaces.  I am so pleased with the way it turned out. I can even get to my wedding album and all my scrapbooks.  Let me know if you’ve taken on a project recently and how it turned out.  I would love to hear from you.

Yours Truly,