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10 Facts About The Person Behind The Blog

There are so many things you don’t see on my blog when you stop by to read my posts.  Of course you stop in to see nicely edited pictures of my home tours, parties, and decorating ideas.  However, no one has a house that is magazine ready.  There are kids living in my home.  Two messy teens to be exact. We are a family of four that act like any other family.  Today I’m revealing some facts about me that you may not know.

Ten facts about the person behind the blog.

The Person Behind the Blog

  1.  I am not good at doing laundry.  I don’t mind doing the laundry or even folding it for that matter. Then the clean laundry just sits in piles in baskets or on the kitchen table.  The kids just grab their stuff from there and I really don’t enforce that they take it to their rooms.  Ugh laundry!!!!  We are always clean and ironed, but usually not put away.  If you come to my house you will see clean laundry sitting around.
  2. I go to Target almost every weekday.  It is really sad and embarrassing for my kids when we go in there and all the workers speak to me by name.  It’s just so easy for me to stop in after dropping my son off at school. It is a mile from my house. I don’t like carrying a lot of drinks at one time so I will get what we need and then go back the next day and get more.  My husband drinks A LOT of drinks.
  3. I have help with the weekly cleaning of my home. Those of you who are doing it all, That is amazing.  I will admit I can not do it all myself.  I love having help.  Not only is my housekeeper amazing and keep things just right in our house, she loves us like we are family.  This works for our family.  Whatever is working for your family, keep doing it.  We love to have the weekends to spend quality time together and this helps us do just that.
  4. Yes, I have a pink office.  I love working in my office,  It makes me so happy.  I have all my stuff in there.  It is really a guest room, but I have my desk and materials in there and I call it my office.  If you have your own work space you can call your own you know how special that is.  Plus, I love if I’m working on a project I can leave all my stuff out and not have to clean everything up at the end of the day.
  5.  I am obsessed with keeping the kitchen countertops clean.  I don’t like any piles on the counters.  I also have a two tone kitchen.  I have one very forgiving counter and one solid one that is horrible to keep clean.  We moved into this home when it was 2 years old.  I would have never picked this myself.  It shows every imperfection.  If you even touch it, it will leave fingerprints.  So I battle the counters all day.
  6. I listen to music when I write.  I always have a playlist going when I prepare my posts.  Of course it is different from the vibe of the one I use for working out.  It is uplifting, more of a slower paced playlist for writing.  Calm music helps me stay focused while writing.  I have no musical talent, but it has always been a passion of mine.
  7. My teacup Maltese Cupi is always with me when I’m working.  She would prefer that I work on my bed so she could curl up on my neck.  Yes, I said my neck.  Weird I know, but she only weighs five pounds.  Plus she is like a little built in scarf for me.  If I’m in my office she lays in the sun so she is in the room with me.  She is the best employee ever.
  8. I keep my house very cold year round.  My family actually says we could hang meat in our house.  I don’t believe that, but when people come over they do reach for the blankets.  I have blankets everywhere in my house. I love it cold, but I love snuggling up in the blankets too.
  9. I work on a computer screen that is completely cracked.  My son accidentally stepped on my computer and I have never had it fixed.  I’m kind of used to it now.  I just ignore it.  I even travel with it and people look at me weird, but I say until I can’t see the screen anymore this will do just fine.
  10. I LOVE blogging.  It is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.  Writing about decorating and entertaining makes me energized.  I don’t think of it as work.  I had been looking for a creative outlet and this fills that void.  I’m getting better at the business side of blogging, but I still need help with that and that’s ok.

I hope you learned a little bit more about me and some of my quirks. For more info about me check out My Favorite Books of All Time, 25 Facts About Me, and How I Feel about turning 40. It’s important that you know who is writing the blog.  I like doing posts like this every once in a while so you get to know the real me. Tell me a cool fact about you.  I love learning about my readers.  Lets see how many comments we can get.

Yours Truly


Decorating My Bar Cart 3 Different Ways

The bar cart is the next best thing to sliced bread.  It basically is an extra piece of furniture that you can just push into a room and set up whatever you need it for.  If you’re throwing a party, you have an automatic bar, food station etc…  However in this post, I’m going to show you how to use the bar cart in your everyday life.  I’m going to decorate my bar cart 3 different ways and show you how it functions in my day to day activities.

We use our outdoor space a lot for relaxing and entertaining.  That is where we spend most of our time from spring to fall.  We are definitely the kind of couple that has more fun outside around the pool rather than hosting a dinner around the dining room table. So it just makes since to use the bar cart around the outdoor entertaining area.  There are plenty of ways I can use this to help me organize some outdoor supplies.

Using the bar cart for outdoor entertaining is a great way to keep all your essentials in one place. www.yourstrulyjenn.com


You may not think the bathroom is an appropriate place for a bar cart, but it really is the perfect place to hold all your essential items for a relaxing soak in the bath.  Here I was able to hold items such as my towels, bath salts, music, reading material. and wine so nothing would get wet or ruined while I was in the tub.  Then you can reach all your items and they aren’t placed on the bathroom floor.  Plus it dresses the bathroom up so nicely.

You can use a bar cart in your bathroom to hold all your spa items. www.yourstrulyjenn.com

Put your essentials on a bathroom bar cart. www.yourstrulyjenn.com

A book, wine, and bath beads are great essentials for a bathroom bar cart. www.yourstrulyjenn.com

I leave my bar cart in the kitchen when I’m not using it elsewhere.  It holds decorative items that go along with seasonal decor. This is one of my favorite things to decorate for the changing seasons. Fresh flowers are a constant on the bar cart.  I love fresh flowers and on a weekly basis change those out. There is just something cheery about having flowers in the kitchen greeting you in the morning.  I am not a morning person and it just kicks off my day with a little something special.

In the kitchen, I’m using the bar cart as a coffee station.  I have my Keurig set up with my favorite coffee mugs.  I like to keep this set up because it’s practical and makes sense for weekend guests.  They know exactly where to get their morning coffee and they can help themselves.  I love things that make life easier. Especially when I’m entertaining.

Use your bar cart for a coffee station in the kitchen. www.yourstrulyjenn.com

I leave my bar cart in my kitchen for guests to use. www.yourstrulyjenn.com

I love these decor items on the coffee station. www.yourstrulyjenn.com

Of course there are other uses for your bar cart.  You can use it as a bar, a brunch set up, and a party backdrop and so much more.  It really is a versatile piece that has been a great investment for me.  If you’re looking to purchase one, I hope you got some great decorating ideas today.

Yours Truly,


What Do you Do With All Your Phone Pictures?

Do you have a ton of pictures on your phone like I do? Does it ever get to the point where you are deleting things you really want to save because you don’t have anymore storage left?  What do you do with all those pictures?  How can we make it easier to make sure we always get the shot and don’t miss the important moments?

My son made his middle school basketball team for the second year.  My husband and I attend all the games.  I usually use my Canon to take most of the photos.  However, I like to have my phone to video him being announced in the starting line up and little things like that.  The very first city tournament of the season they won. We beat one of our top rivals. Obviously that was a big moment I wanted to capture. I took my camera out to video the award ceremony.  I videoed the second place award and I went to tape us getting the first place trophy and my phone says, “there is no more storage.”  That is so frustrating.  Has this ever happened to you?  This was the most important moment of the game and I was missing it.  There was no way I was going to get that memory back. I really wanted to record that so my son would be able to see it later.  This is not the only time this has happened to me.  It has happened at a Taylor Swift concert, at my daughter’s cheer competitions and the list goes on.  How can you make sure you have enough memory to capture these important memories when the time comes? I am not very tech savvy, but here are a couple ideas on ways to store some of your photos.

What do you do with all your stored pictures? www. yourstrulyjenn.com

ICLOUD PHOTOS- If you are an apple user, iCloud photo Library allows you to sync all your devices so your photos are automatically uploaded to your iPad and MacBook.  Just remember when you delete something from one place you are deleting it from everywhere.  Your recently deleted folder holds pictures and videos for 30 days.  So if you delete something by accident check there.

There are great photo printers you use for phone photos like this one from Sharper Image.  It is called the Smart Phone Photo Cube Printer.  It prints 4×6 pictures without having to be hooked up to your computer.  It is compatible with iPhones, iPads, galaxy, and other android devices.  This is a wonderful choice for all those pictures that have accumulated on your phone and you are looking for a way to print and display them.

The digital photo frames are also an option.  You can download your pictures onto these frames and they make wonderful lasting memories that you can look at and change frequently.  I think these make wonderful gifts for grandparents.

I use dropbox to store a lot of my photos on my computer.  My photographer uses this to send me my photos once they have been processed as well.  It is a great way for me to see my photos quickly and then store them on my computer.

Hopefully you have already figured out a solution for your photo storage needs and have not run into many issues like I have in the past. Do you have any other ideas you could share with me about photo storage?  I would love to hear your comments.  I am getting better about storing my photos, but it has taken me several stubborn mishaps before I got the hang of it.

Yours Truly,



Things I’m Loving on ETSY

Here is a list of a couple of the shops I’m loving on ETSY.  I have ordered several things lately due to me throwing a couple parties and I’m just obsessed with shopping on ETSY now.  Here are some of the sites that I’ve been on lately.  I thought you might want to check these sites out and do a little shopping yourself.  You never know what one site will lead to.  That’s what happens with me and Pinterest.  Does that happen to anyone else?

These are the things I'm loving on Etsy right now. Check them out.

ETSY Stores That May Interest You

Check out The State of Love store on ETSY. You need to have these comfy sweatshirts in your life.  Not only are they comfy, but they have adorable sayings on them. I love the one that says, “I can’t adult today.”  Who doesn’t feel like that some days.  Especially on a Monday.  I’m a blogger. I can wear what I want to work.  Maybe you should save yours for the weekend.

I’ve done a lot of wedding purchases lately and I’ve started following a lot of Instagram accounts in the bridal category. I’m OBSESSED. If you’re looking for a great cake topper  Let’s Top That  has tons of different versions.  You can find Mr. & Mrs. or you can customize your name.  The sky is the limit.  I had a music box with a dove on a bible as my cake topper.  There wasn’t much to choose from 20 years ago.  Now, you can really shoot for the stars at your wedding with these designs.

I Love these white napkins with gold polka dots.  I am kind of a hoarder when it comes to collecting dinner napkins.  And of course I love anything polka dots or stripes.  So these are a double whammy for me.  I need these in my life.  Any holidays coming up so somebody can get them for me?

Cara McGrady’s shop One Swell Studio has the most gorgeous party invitations, printables, and party decor sets.  If you are throwing a children’s party, bridal shower, or baby shower you have to check out her store.  She even shows amazing ways to style some of the themed parties.  One of my favorites is the lumberjack party.  I’m a sucker for red checked prints.  Did you see my Christmas decor?  If you didn’t, you need to check that out. You’ll see red everywhere.

Check out these porcelain mixing bowls with the nesting rest area for your wooden spoons by Muddy Heart. I love the look of these bowls.  These would make a great Mother’s Day gift if your mom is into baking or is a nifty cook.  I have done much better in the kitchen department lately.  I have found some keeper recipes off Pinterest.  Maybe my kids will read this post (hint, hint).

If you are throwing a party and you’re looking for customized labels, check out Label with Love. They make beautiful labels for all occasions.  You will fall in love with the branding of this company.  I love beautiful things and I love them even more if they make me look like a good hostess (and these labels will definitely make you look good).

SC Stockshop sells beautifully styled stock photos for bloggers and other creative entrepreneurs. I bought one of their photos when I was rebranding my site with my new logo. The picture perfectly matched the colors of my brand and was styled with items that I felt portrayed the look I was going for.  My site looks so professional and I get tons of complements.

I love when people show me new stores to check out.  I hope some of

these will be just what you are looking for.

You never know when you will need that perfect invitation

or label for a party you are throwing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Yours Truly,


Gorgeous Wedding Reception Without Flowers

There are so many different paths you can take to decorate for a wedding reception.  Flowers are beautiful, but so expensive.  There are lots of other avenues you can take to decorate for your wedding.  I was able to bring the bride and groom’s vision to conception by using candles, votives, vases, and beautiful wedding garlands.  You will notice in these decorations that only artificial flowers were used here and there.  You can have a gorgeous wedding reception without flowers.

Decorating without Flowers

A beautiful mantel was created to celebrate the bride and groom at their reception.

The bride and groom's initials were used in this gorgeous monogram to create the perfect mantel.

Candles and vases were used as the finishing touches on this mantel.

Here I added some artificial red picks to this live garland.  The bride went with a cranberry theme and I thought these picks looked beautiful with this wedding garland.  It added just enough hints of red where we needed a little color.   Hint:  Sometimes you can go overboard and add too much.  Simple and elegant is the way to go.  

A beautiful monogram was created as a focal piece on this mantel.

I absolutely love this monogram script of the couple’s initials.  Unfortunately, I ordered it so long ago I forgot the name of the company.  But I do remember I got it off of ETSY.

The beautiful table centerpiece goes perfectly with the mantel design. I love how this wedding reception uses tons of candles.

This gorgeous wedding garland was purchased through The Magnolia Company. This company was an amazing find. They help you find the correct date to send your live garland so you have optimum success with their product. It arrived in a box with each garland wrapped in plastic wrap.  The bags contained moisture inside so the garland would stay fresh during shipping. The garland was easy to manipulate.  It looked healthy and had a vibrant green color.

Candles and gold accents were used to finish the dining room table.

I used all gold accents on the dining room table.  Lots of these vases were bought at Michaels around Christmas time. Ribbon and gold pick accents were added to give the table the final touches it needed.

Candles and gold accents were used to finish the dining room table.

If you would like to order this garland, you can find it under the wedding garland section of The Magnolia Company site.  If you like what I ordered it’s called Carolina Sapphire Salal Garland.  I bought it in 10 foot sections.  I did have to cut one of them down to use it in two areas.  I don’t suggest that, but it is something I needed to do for aesthetics. I ordered 3 of their garlands and I was very pleased with them all.  I would definitely order from them again.  They last about 3-5 days once you take them out of the moist bags. They did arrive on the exact day they said it would.

This entry way looks gorgeous using a simple display of flowers and candles.

Ivy and candles adorn this staircase to welcome guests as they enter the reception.

The ivy used on the stairs was used in mine and my sister’s wedding.  I just love that we were able to use that in my cousin’s wedding in some way.  The candles on the steps made the the entrance very welcoming.

I really enjoyed decorating for this wedding reception.  It was a unique party situation. I like trying new things and pushing the boundaries with entertaining and decorating.  If you are unable to afford flowers or just want to try some other forms of decorating, it is doable.  It can turn out absolutely gorgeous.  Think about the time of year you are throwing your wedding.  Mix seasonal elements and your wedding theme together and you can end up with a really beautiful outcome.

Beautiful wedding Garland, gold vases, and hints of red were used to create this beautiful wedding look.

If you are planning a wedding and are in the Hampton Roads area you won’t want to miss Mayapalooza. This epic bridal event is on March 5th 2016 from 12pm-6pm at the Virginia Beach Field House.  For more information check out http://www.houseofmayapalooza.com.  If you go please leave me comments.  My hair salon Mystique Salon and Day Spa will be there doing hair for the brides.  Have a great day and check out my Instagram and Pinterest.  I have tons of other great pictures on both accounts.

Yours Truly,


A Red and Gold Wedding Reception

Sarah and Steven Jr. got married over the Thanksgiving weekend in a private ceremony in North Carolina. Only immediate family members attended this small intimate wedding affair. The bride and groom wanted to be able to host family and friends at an informal venue after their wedding. They had two lovely receptions. One in Richmond and one in Chesapeake, Virginia. I hosted the one in Chesapeake and I would like to share the pictures of the party with you. Those of you that are currently engaged and are planning a winter wedding, may get some ideas for an upcoming shower, engagement party, and or open house reception of your own. The bride chose cranberry and gold as her colors and I think it turned out beautifully.

This open house wedding reception was no ordinary reception.  The bride and groom are from Mechanicsville, Virginia where they reportedly received 17 inches of snow the weekend of their party.  The Jonas snowstorm didn’t cancel the festivities though.  The couple got an early start to the weekend and traveled a day early to their final destination of Chesapeake, Virginia.  We ended up only getting lots of rain and a wintry mix.  Our area only had about an inch of snow.  That was such a blessing to all the guests because the worse part of our weather came at the very end of the party.  They were able to enjoy the party and the guests could drive home safely before the road conditions got too slippery.


The bride and Groom's table was one of a kind. I decorated it with white and gold accents.

I really wanted the bride and groom’s table to be special.  I wanted it to stand out and be totally different than any other space I decorated.  I loved the way it turned out.  I started with a wedding Garland. In the next post, I will explain all about the garland and where you can purchase that from. I then filled in with white artificial flowers from Michaels.  The gold vases were also from Michaels.  I finished this table off with some pinecones and the gold Mr. & Mrs. letters.  I used my Lenox Eternal china as their table setting which is trimmed in gold.  You can check out other posts where I used that China here and here.

The Mr. and Mrs. wooden letters were added to designate the bride and groom's table.

I love the Mr. and Mrs. wooden letters that adorned the bride and groom's table.

These golden globes were used to decorate the dessert table.


The bride chose gold and cranberry as her color palette. The red bouquet of flowers looked beautiful among the garland.

As for the reception, I had a couple months to plan. There were plenty of opportunities for me to accumulate gold votives, vases, and candle sticks due to the Christmas season. This also rang true for the red and white items I needed as well. When things went on sale I just paid attention to what stores had the best prices and grouped my decor according to what decorations I had.

Cranberry red was one of the bride's chosen colors for the wedding reception.The first thing I did after meeting with my bride was counted how many tables I needed and what areas of my home I was going to decorate. Once I knew that, I could plan and group my decor.  My bride and groom table I knew needed to be one of a kind so I set aside decor specifically for this table. No matter what kind of party you are throwing, organization and careful planning are the keys to a successful event. When you plan well, you can execute the small details that matter so much and make a party go off without a hitch.

I love the pops of red color the bride chose to go along with the gold and white in the reception area.

Michaels, Crate and Barrel, Z Gallerie, and Pier 1 carried what I needed to design the reception decor. If you are supplying your own items for a party or reception, I would suggest checking out these stores. I supplied some party tables and linens and rented some as well. I wanted to have enough tables and chairs for guests to comfortably eat and mingle with the bride and groom as well as the other guests.

Gorgeous vases from Z Gallerie were used along with these lovely red candles in the reception area.

The bride chose lovely shades of cranberry and gold to complete this reception look.

I thoroughly enjoyed decorating my home to celebrate the wedding of Sarah and Steven.  They are a lovely couple and I was honored they allowed me to celebrate their big day with them.  I wish them many years of happiness as they start their life together.  Please leave comments below if you have an upcoming wedding or recent celebration you would like to share.  I would love to hear about it.

Yours Truly,


A Local Photographer Answers Your Bridal Questions

Valentine’s Day is coming up and today kicks off my week long wedding series. Local photographer, Jason Williams, is answering some frequently asked bridal photography questions.  I am in my 20th year of marriage and I still love weddings. I find Valentine’s Day to be super corny, but I love a good wedding.  I cry at them all.  The bride always looks so beautiful and the groom seems so excited to see her walk down the aisle.  Join in today through next Thursday as we explore Love and weddings (Even is you’re an old married couple like me!)

Frequently Asked Bridal Photography Questions

1. What do brides seem to be most nervous about and how do you make them feel more comfortable while shooting? Usually women in general are concerned with body image issues. As a professional, I know the techniques and lighting setups to keep my clients looking their best.

Beautiful bridal portrait done by Jason Williams at Elite Photography. www.Yourstrulyjenn.com

2. How does your style photography differ from others in the area? I shoot a lot of different styles depending on the client’s wishes. However, I am best known for dramatic skies and colors in my images. We use studio lighting in locations like the beach to create dramatic and romantic portraits.

A beautiful sky and amazing couple captured by Jason Williams of Elite Photography. www.yourstrulyjenn.com

3. What is the main difference between winter and summer weddings? The biggest difference for a photographer is we usually can’t do a lot of photos outdoors. If we do shoot outside on a cold day, we will typically remove the redness from the client’s nose and fingers. This creates more work, but it’s worth it to get a beautiful outdoor shot.

4. What are some of the “must have” photos brides are asking for these days?
For my clients it’s the sunset portraits. This is what I’m known for so we always block the appropriate time slot to catch the sun as it drops.

Beautiful ocean shot captured by Jason Williams of Elite Photography. www.yourstrulyjenn.com
5. Do most brides come with a list of poses or shots they want or is it more of a collaboration between you? We collaborate every time. I already know all the critical moments brides are looking for so most often we just collect a list of specific must haves. An example would be, “I need a photo with my uncle Dave because he basically raised me.” These are things we don’t know naturally, so brides will come up with a handful of special images we make sure to capture.

6. How do you deal with indoor vs. outdoor weddings? We really don’t treat them differently. We may dress differently or bring a few umbrellas but they are organized and photographed almost exactly the same.

7. What are the latest trends in wedding photography? Natural light and country are the latest fads we see coming along. With so many new photography enthusiasts they typically can’t afford lighting so the trend has shifted to natural light. Unfortunately, a lot of weddings don’t get great natural light so it’s a challenge for these photographers to handle indoor properly. I shoot both and even use professional lighting to supplement a natural light look.

8. Tell us about one of the coolest weddings you’ve photographed? Hands down the coolest wedding ever was this past October 31st. Everyone came in costume and the wedding was held in an old chicken barn. The young couple had virtually no budget and spent it all hiring us. So they collected old chairs and tables over 9 months to outfit the barn. They spent months cleaning it up, hanging decorations, and turning junk into treasure. The results were amazing!

9. In hind site, what is the most common shot brides wish they had asked for?
We don’t really have a “we wished….” list because we are so detailed in planning with our brides. Their favorite shots are always with the groom so we make sure to give extra attention to this portion of the day. The biggest regret we hear constantly from brides is “I wish I had hired a professional”.

10. Can you tell us a little bit more about your business and how we can get in touch with you? Elite Photography was founded in 2009 and can be found at http://www.photographybyelite.com. Our studio number is 757-967-7468 and email is info@photographybyelite.com. We specialize in weddings and senior high students. You can also find us on Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check the website for links.

Thanks so much Jason for helping us answer all those bridal photography questions.  I have several viewers that got engaged over the Christmas break and are eager to start planning their upcoming nuptials.  There is so much to plan and I know photography is one of the major things you check off your to do list in the very beginning.

Yours Truly,


A Review of My Favorite Entertaining Books

If you know me and my background you know I’m a certified Reading Specialist.  I LOVE books.  All kinds of books.  BUT, books about entertaining have a special place in my heart. I wanted to share with you my favorite entertaining books.  I am a very visual person and some of these books have the most gorgeous pictures.  The food and table settings are just amazing.  Whoever styled the shoot and photographed these photos, are very talented people.  I want to get right into describing these books.  If you love entertaining or books about the subject, you may want to check some of these out.

Here is a list of my favorite entertaining books that you need to check out.

My Favorite Entertaining Books

Hamptons Entertaining by Annie Falk is one you won’t want to miss.  If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, this book will fit your needs. It is filled with fabulous pictures of table settings for outdoors as well as some indoor parties. The menus are elegant, but very doable for someone trying to recreate a recipe.  This book has all the visual elements you need to create a beautiful party from start to finish.  I look at this over and over especially during the summer months.  That is when we tend to entertain the most.

The next book, What’s a Hostess to Do? By Susan Spungen,  is a great reference book.  It is helpful to look at for specific info or etiquette.  It answers questions like:

How do I specify this is a kid free party?

How far in advance do I send out a wedding invitation?

How much cheese should I buy for this party?

How do I get wax out of candleholders?

How do I keep these fresh flowers lasting longer?

It also has recipes and SO MUCH more…….

This is a must read if you entertain guests frequently.  It is always good to have one book that you can go to that can answer all your burning questions.

Camillle Styles Entertaining is great for all around seasonal entertaining.  It is perfect for the hostess that literally hosts parties all throughout the year.  It is broken down into seasons and how she hosts seasonal events. It starts off in fall.  My favorite season that she covers is summer.  Maybe because that is the season I host most frequently.  We have a huge fourth of July party every year.  We are definitely grill out type of folks.  We like to be around the pool and entertain outdoors. I love the summer recipes, cocktails, and grilling tips in this book.

My mother-in-law gave me Southern Living’s Year-Round Celebrations.  The special edition exclusive book is presented by Dillard’s.  There are tons of recipes in this book.  However, my favorite part of this book are the beautiful tablescapes and gorgeous ways the tables are set up for all types of parties.

If you like to entertain, I feel confident in recommending any of these books for you to try.  I am not affiliated with any of these books and this is not a sponsored post.  I just enjoyed these books and I wanted to pass them along to you.  Leave me a comment of your favorite entertaining books.  I would love to hear from you.  I’m always looking for new books to read.

Yours Truly,