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Fall Scents

I can’t believe we are at the end of October and Halloween is almost here.  I love when Halloween is on a weekend.  Our neighborhood is finally built up enough where kids actually come to our home.  This year, I will get a couple bags of candy and we will have a great time just sitting on the porch and seeing all the costumes.  Both of my kids are too old to trick or treat, but we still love this fun night.  I’m hoping the weather will be a little chilly this weekend so it actually feels like Halloween.

One of my favorite parts of October is the amazing scents from candles, fresh baked goods, and clean, crisp air.  I have an aversion to candles with flowery scents. However, I love candles with vanilla, pumpkin, spice and of course the ones that smell like cookies and Christmas trees.  I’m a little obsessed with Bath and Body Works three wick candles. My favorite fall scent of all time is Marshmallow Fireside.  Every year my fear is they won’t bring back the candles that are my favorites. Unfortunately for my family, I hoard them.  When I find one I really like. I buy several of them.  I literally have a linen closet full of soaps and candles.  The closet actually smells like one big candle.  I think I have passed my bad habits to my daughter.  She is very much into candles too.

Bath and Bodyworks candles

My fall Bath and Body Works candles.

I also like the stove simmer scents.  They make your entire home smell like you have been baking all day long.  I love how you can make a small batch and it lasts for several weeks (as long as you keep adding water).  My favorite ones always include cinnamon and oranges.  For a great recipe, go to Clean and Scentsible by Jenn. The Christmas recipes that include cranberries and pine are fresh scents that don’t come off smelling too strong.  My husband is allergic to real Christmas trees so we stopped getting real ones soon after we were married.  I have 6 trees, but they are all artificial.  My tree scent comes from my candles and potpourri.

What kinds of candles and scents do you like for fall and Christmas?  I would love to try new candles.  I’m not as familiar with Yankee Candles so if you’re a fan of these let me know what I should try.

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Filling My Dough Bowl

I love the look of a dough bowl.  I ordered the extra large one from Ballard Design.  It is almost 4 feet long and is really deep.  I am very happy with it because I have a huge dining room table so I needed something large.  However, it can be really hard to come up with ideas on how to fill it.  Let’s be honest, you can’t just throw some acorns and leaves in there and call it a day.  This takes some thought and a whole bunch of filler and pretty supplies.

There are numerous ways you can decorate the bowl for the fall.  I am really into the white pumpkins and the neutral look right now so I thought I would use those to create my look.  I already had a couple of artificial white pumpkins so I just needed to buy the real ones and some neutral greenery.

Start with the Filler

Pinecone fillers

Pinecones make a great filler for vases and dough bowls.

There are several things you can use as fillers, but I chose to use pinecones.  Lots and lots of pinecones.  To build up the bottom, I needed the pinecones to make my pumpkins stick up above the sides of the bowl.  You could also use balled up tissue paper or newspaper as long as it won’t be seen from your arrangement.  If you don’t use fillers then you will be purchasing way too much of the pretty “stuff” for your bowl and that can get quite pricey.


Place the pinecones in the bottom of your bowl.

Next, wash all your pumpkins or any other vegetables you will be using.  Since you’re not eating them they don’t have to be perfect, but you do want them to look nice and clean.   Then I arranged my pumpkins in the dough bowl the way I wanted them on top of the pinecones.  Lastly, I placed the autumn twigs in the the arrangement where I felt it was still bare.

White pumpkins

Wash your pumpkins.

Using white pumpkins

I love the look of white pumpkins.

With all the pumpkins in the bowl and the size of the bowl it was quite heavy.  I managed to lift the bowl on the table, but boy I wish my husband had been home at the time.  I should have filled the bowl once it was already on the table.  That would have been the only thing I would do differently.

fall dough bowl

I love the way the dough bowl turned out.

I’m not trying to rush the seasons because I am looking forward to handing out candy at Halloween and seeing my family at Thanksgiving, but I am looking forward to decorating this bowl for Christmas.  I have several different ideas that would work perfectly.  Do you have any ideas for how to decorate this for Christmas?  Please leave a comment below if you have any ideas.

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My Top Ten Favorite Bloggers

This is a topic that I’m excited to talk about.  I would like to share with you my top ten favorite bloggers.  I’m so passionate about my blog and you can tell these bloggers put their heart and soul into their own.  I love to check out tons of blogs when I have the time, but these are the people that I read on a regular basis.  Most of these bloggers post daily and all are very successful in their genres.  So sit back and get a snack and check out some of these fabulous ladies.

Ten favorite bloggers

My Top Ten Favorite Bloggers

A thoughtful Place Blog – You can tell by her blog that Courntey is very family oriented.  She includes some family adventures, traditions, and personal stories on her blog.  Her main topics are fashion, home decor, and entertaining.  This lady is one stylish chick.  She sports the latest fashions and has the best shoes.  If you’re looking for something hot to wear, check out this blog.  One of her recent blogs even has her making a Halloween costume.

Click it up A Notch– Courtney is a mom who got her first DSLR from a mishap in the delivery room.  If you’re looking for an inspiring and informational blog this one is a great resource.  Courtney has beautiful pictures, an ebook (that I’ve read) and a course called Intro to Photography.  I’m currently in week 4 of the 6 week class. It is great for bloggers who want to take better photos and learn to shoot in manual mode.

Craftberry Bush–  Lucy is an amazing artist.  She paints beautiful pillows and canvases.  You can find these items in her shop, on her site.  She is a very humble person, but very talented. Her blog features her home, crafts & DIY, decorating, and even recipes.  If you want to see a gorgeous home, check out her fall tour.  It is spectacular.  I love how Lucy’s blog is about real life.

Cupcakes and Cashmere– Emily’s blog is the first one I ever read.  She writes about fashion, cooking, entertaining, and lifestyle pieces. She has written two books that have done very well. She recently had a baby girl named Sloan so she has included pieces about her daughter and motherhood as well.  She has series pieces that I love and look for on a monthly basis.  This blog is a very consistent one.  It doesn’t disappoint.

Dear Lillie– Jennifer is amazing and her blog shows her many talents.  Her background is in graphic design and interior design.  Her and her family run the successful on-line store, Dear Lillie.  They sell chalkboard art, prints, and other products.  Her blog is one you will want to check out.  She writes about her home, her projects, and some lifestyle pieces. She has partnered with brands such as Ballard Designs, Wayfair, and Birch Lane.

ella claire inspired– Kristen’s blog is one full of vintage charm.  Her house tours are so amazing.  Her Christmas ones are my favorite.  I look at them all year round.  She loves to bake, do DIY projects, and even build things.  If you love her blog you will love her instagram feed and pinterest accounts too.  Follow this girl everywhere.  She won’t disappoint you.  She also has very good guest posters.

Hi Sugarplum– Cassie is the queen of DIY on a budget.  She does lots of home renovations and before and afters.  You can also find fashion and travel on her channel.  She has a bit of everything with a sassy Texas flair.   In the last few months, she has been featured in BHG and Redbook.  She is one busy momma.

Liz Marie blog–  Liz’s blog is full of great ideas.  She loves Diy projects and interior design.  Her home is made up of neutral colors and warm textures.  Her husband has a blog of his own called Craftsman Drive.  He builds most of the projects on her blog.  They are just the sweetest couple. Her home have been featured recently in Country Woman Magazine.  She has also worked with brands such as Home Depot, Country living, and 3M.

Pizzazzerie–  Courtney is an amazing party stylist. This southern lady from Tennessee, can whip up any party that you can imagine.  She was recently featured in Celebrate Magazine for her creative Halloween parties.  I get so many entertaining ideas from her blog.  She is also an author and has written three cookbooks.  Her work has been featured in BHG, HGTV.com, and Ladies Journal.  She is a momma to the cutest baby (which she calls Baby Pizzazzerie) and a gorgeous dog named George.

The Tomkat Studio– Kim is the quintessential stylist, designer, and business owner.  She owns the Tomkat Studio on-line store and store front in Arizona.  She has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Pottery Barn, HGTV, and Martha Stewart. She styles beautiful parties for clients and shoots for brands.  Her store has unique party supplies so if you’re looking for that special item you will probably find it at her store.  She is also a very sweet person.

These bloggers are the ten I follow religiously.  If you’re a new blogger and are looking for a couple great sites to follow, see if some of these spark your interest.  You want to find a blog that you will be able to interact with and be able to follow for the long term.  I hope you liked this post.  I would love for you to follow me on pinterest, instagram, Facebook, and twitter.

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Mad about Plaid

Plaid is the new autumnal pattern.  Fashion dictates a lot of what trends we will use in our home decor.  Every year designers are on the edge of their seats to hear the pantone color of the year announcement,  By the way, if you didn’t know the color of the year is Marsala.  Sort of a deep wine color.  It is actually quite rich and sultry.  A beautiful fall color.

You can’t walk into Target and not know that they’re mad about plaid. Their whole fall houseware line is based around different colors of plaid. They are even using plaid in all their displays.  When you first walk in there is a huge blue and red plaid display hanging from the ceiling.

Mad About Plaid

Mad About Plaid


coffe station

Use your bar cart for a coffee station.

So how does a certain trend dictate how you can change your look in your home?  I would not go out and purchase any big pieces of furniture based on a trend.  Your big furniture pieces are your classic looks that stand the test of time.  However, trends are fun to play around with and definitely up your game in the style department.

You can easily change small accessories such as dish towels, candles, pillows, coffee mugs, and dishes.  These items won’t break the bank, but will make your home super stylish and oh so trendy,

Plaid accessories

Plaid accessories add style to your decor.


Add fall twigs to complete the look.

What trends are you using this fall?  What are you using for your inspiration in your home decor?  I would love to know how you are decorating for fall and the upcoming holidays.  Leave a comment below or send me an email.

Yours Truly,